About our furniture

Custom built by Brent Mains

All Unique Furniture is hand made and finished with natural oils, giving you a unique product with no chemicals.

All our handmade macrocarpa furniture is built strong and sturdy so it wont blow away in strong winds. Spend your summer days sitting back and relaxing on your Unique Furniture as it enhances your garden area.

Our furniture is hand crafted from mainly Macrocarpa timber, an excellent wood for outdoor living and sourced from New Zealand. We also have access to other timbers such as treated Pine or various Australian hardwood, just let us know what you want.

Constructed with zinc plated, galvanized or even powder coated hardware, and with all doweled joints fixed with marine grade epoxy glues, you’ll still be admiring your furniture for years to come. Our handmade macrocarpa furniture is built to last!


Your questions answered

There are many choices of outdoor furniture available today.

Subtle differences in design and construction make a big difference in the life and durability of the furniture, not to mention the comfort the cost of the finished product reflects the design, the amount and complexity of the labour involved, the joinery, hardware and finally the quality and thickness of the timber chosen. Don’t let prices mislead you; there are few products in use today that someone cannot make a little cheaper. By reducing the quality of materials and using weaker and inferior assembly methods, prices can be cut. Unfortunately when used outdoors life is shortened and replacement cost higher. Investment in quality ensures long life dependability.

To reliably combat the harshness of the outdoors and still retain appearance requires the use of dependable materials. These materials are more costly, and the methods of construction more labour intensive than that required for interior furniture. Our policy is to use only the best materials and construction methods known and we don’t compromise to reduce costs. This ensures unique furniture is made to last.

It depends on the comfort and life expectancy you are looking for. We don’t make lightweight kitset furniture with shipping and packaging issued to influence our designs. Our made to order policy offers our customers a superior alternative to the general trend of mass production. Each order is handcrafted especially for the client. Our precise construction methods are stronger but more labour intensive, most joints are fully glued, and furniture is delivered fully assembled. So yes, we do take a little longer but the distinct quality advantage lasts a lot longer, making every purchase a good investment.

Maintenance & Care

Taking care of your investment

Here at Unique Furniture every piece is handcrafted with natural materials and finished with natural oils. We recommend regular re oiling with good quality oil based outdoor furniture oil.  Every four to six months in extreme high exposed places.   This will maintain the look and extend the life of the piece of furniture and reduce cracking and splitting.

Unique Furniture does not cover for repairs, refinishing or replacements cause by the following

  • Unreasonable or abusive use
  • Chemical Stains and damages
  • Exposure to extreme climate conditions
  • Modifications by purchaser
  • Changes in wood colour due to natural aging of wood
  • Neglect of reasonable and necessary care and maintenance
  • Normal wear and tear subject to weather and use